All Star Info

The All Star tournament gives our league the opportunity to enter a team from each division in the All Star tournament. This team competes against other teams from our district and has the opportunity to play in a State Championship for Minors and all the way to the Little League World Series for Majors and up.

  • Player Requirements

To participate in All Stars the following player requirements must be met:

  • Player should be available for games for the District levels of play.
  • Player must have played in at least 8 regular season games.
  • Parents must be able to provide the necessary Player Verification documentation, see below for details of these requirements.

There is an additional fee to cover the cost of the tournament and an All Star jersey for the players that are accepted to the team.

Player Verification

Player verification is ONLY required once the player has been selected to the All Star team and is NOT required for try-outs.

NOTE: If your player has participated in All Stars with Northwest Little League before you DO NOT need to provide any verification paperwork.

When a player is selected to the All Star team they will need to provide the following information to verify residency within our Little League boundaries as well as to verify their age.

  1. A completed Tournament Player Verification form, if possible please fill the PDF online and then print and sign.
  2. Certified birth certificate, they will NOT accept a copy.
  3. Proof of residency documentation, there are two options for verifying residency, only one of the two is required, you do not need to do both.


School Enrollment (Recommended)
If player is enrolled in a school within our league boundaries you can use this option.  You will have to complete the School Enrollment Form and have a school administrator sign it.

Address Verification
Player is required to reside within our league boundaries to use this method.
You need to provide one document from each of three groups. Details on each group can be found on the Little League website.
IMPORTANT: any dated document must be dated between February 1 of last year and February 1 of this year.
Documents CAN be copies and not originals and can have personal information blacked out, the only information they are looking for is the date, name and address.

All paperwork will be given to a member of the NWLL board (either the President, Vice President, or Division Director). This person attends the District tournament player verification meeting in mid-June. Once the verification is complete, the birth certificate and supporting residency documents will be returned to you at your earliest convenience.

Additional details on establishing player eligibility can be found on the Little League website.

Try-Outs and Team Selection

This process is designed to be as fair as possible in forming the teams and following the goals of All Star play set above. Teams are formed using the following rules and requirements:

  • An e-mail is sent out to parents of all qualifying participants notifying them of the All Star tournament.
  • Players who are interested in participating register on our site for try-outs.
  • This establishes the pool of players that want and can participate. If the pool of players is larger than 12 a tryout will be held to evaluate the players.
  • The tryout will be overseen by the board and head coaches.
  • Once tryouts are completed the president, coaching coordinator, player agent and existing head coaches for the division will meet to assemble the team based on the result of the tryouts and input from the coaches.
  • Once the teams have been finalized the roster will be posted on the league website.

Practices and Tournaments

All of our All Star teams will practices on Fridays in June (June 7, 14, 21, 28).  Players are expected to be at all of these practices.  

The All Star Tournaments NWLL is participating in are on the following dates

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