Baseball Divisions

Tee Ball
For children league age 4 - 6. Our league is focused on the basics of baseball. This includes proper positioning in the field, running bases, learning where to throw the ball and proper form for batting. Scores are not kept and importance is placed on team work and good sportsmanship.

Youth league age 7 – 8. Coach assisted, kid-pitch baseball. Children learn how to pitch and how to hit off of a live pitcher. When a player pitcher reaches 4 balls in the count, the coach steps in to pitch. Children continue to be coached in the field during play and develop playing skills. Five innings are played or a two-hour limit – whichever comes first. Coaches continue to emphasize teamwork and good sportsmanship.

Youth league age 9 – 10. Kid-pitch competitive play. At this level children will start learning the finer details of the game. This includes; stealing bases, following signals, strategies in the field and more.

Youth league age 11 – 12. Children are introduced to higher expectations of play and are able to demonstrate a high level of sportsmanship and responsibility. 

Intermediate (50/70)
Youth league age 11-13. The Intermediate Division was formed by Little League to bridge the transition to Juniors. It is available to accommodate players whose skills permit rules closer to conventional baseball (leading off, pick-offs, balks), but on a field not as large. You may not “play up” to this division. You must be 11-13 years of age.

Youth league age 13 – 14. More advanced play. This is the next step before high school baseball.

The Seniors Baseball Division is for participants ages 15-18, using a conventional 90-foot diamond with a pitching distance of 60 feet, 6 inches.

2024 Spring/Summer Information

Here's what your player will need for the upcoming season:

- Baseball glove
- Athletic protector (Boys)
- Black baseball/t-ball pants
- Athletic/Gym shoes or baseball cleats (NO metal cleats)

- Baseball bat* (league provides 1 or 2 per team)
- Batting helmet (league provides one per team for t-ball)
- Batting gloves
- Gear bag

- Baseball glove
- Athletic protector (Boys)
- Black baseball pants
- Baseball cleats (No Metal Cleats)

- Baseball bat* (league provides 1 or 2 per team)
- Batting helmet (league provides one per team)
- Batting gloves
- Sliding shorts
- Gear bag

*All bats must be Little League approved using the new USABat Youth Bat Standards - click HERE to view the list for 2018 and beyond.

Contact our Baseball Director with any questions - [email protected]



Team NameHead Coach
AA Minors
Team NameHead Coach
CougarsLee Thielke
PanthersErik Robinson
WarriorsKevin Sanders
White SoxRob Serpico
AAA Minors
Team NameHead Coach
ChurrosRick Lopez
LookoutsMike Brandon
Space CowboysTony Petriw
Yard GoatsJason White
Team NameHead Coach
CubsNick Gierman
HodgeJacob Hodge

2021 10u All-Stars Baseball

                                                                            10u All-Stars Baseball
                                             Coached by Chuck Gibellina, Mark Ehlers, and Jeremy Coffey

2021 8u Future All-Stars

                                    2021 8u Future All-Stars Team
                 Coached by James Wagner, Chris Vieau, and Keith Lichtardt 

Second Goal Parenting

We strongly encourage all our parents and guardians to view the Little League's Second Goal Parenting resources. At NWLL, we believe in focusing on the “second goal” of helping children learn life lessons from baseball and softball.

• Establishing a Parent-Coach Partnership 
• Empowering Conversations With Your Children 
• Guidelines for “Honoring the Game” 

We also encourage you to view the FREE Little League quick course Second-Goal Parenting

We value and appreciate our families and we welcome your feedback! Email [email protected] with any questions, comments or feedback.

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