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Jul, 2020

Combined 2020 Season Information

Below list the basic
COVID-19 protocols for youth sports. These apply to all Northwest Little League practices and games. Please use common sense, your best judgement, and common courtesy when attending. If you or your child isn't feeling well, please remain at home.


  • Coaches must keep an attendance log of ALL players & volunteers EVERY practice or game.

  • Coaches must “check-in” participants including logging them, asking them if they feel healthy and game ready, and requiring hand sanitizer to every participant upon arrival

  • Coaches must also “check-out” participants, requiring the use of sanitizer upon departure

  • Every participant is required to sign a waiver of liability

  • Equipment MUST be kept OUTSIDE THE DUGOUT & have adequate physical distancing this season

  • Equipment cannot be shared. If catchers gear, helmets, or bats are going to be used by more than 1 player, they MUST be sanitized between players

  • Social distancing is required when not in play

  • Players must BOTH have 6 feet in the dugout AND wear a mask when not in play or exercising

  • Practices are not to exceed 90 minutes

  • Encourage parents to drop off for practice or sit along the outfield fence

  • Game time limits will be in effect this season 

  • Teams cannot arrive any early than 30 minutes prior to game/practice start (even for warm-up)

  • Clear the fields immediately following practices or games- no congregating or post game snacks

  • No food, snacks, seeds, or gum is allowed in the dugout

  • No parents, or additional children, are allowed in the dugout

  • Team rosters, batting orders, and line-ups MUST include full players name (first & last) and be provided to the opposing team for tracing purposes

  • No line-ups, handshakes, high fives, or contact is allowed (unless a participant is making a play; ex: sliding into home plate & the catcher is attempting a tag)

  • Most games will only have 1 umpire, which will stand behind the pitcher this season

  • Non-participants MUST social distance. They must be spaced at least 6 feet from other families. Only immediate families can sit together.

  • Spectators are limited to immediate family this season in order to keep groups to under 50 (the IL phase 4 requirements)

  • Congregation in the middle of sports complexes is prohibited

  • Spectators will be required to sit around the perimeter of the fence (first and third base lines or outfield) & not behind the backstop, dugout, or the bleachers (those areas will be reserved for players)

  • Groups of 50 (including teams & spectators) must be spaced more than 30’ apart from the next group.

  • Restroom access or availability may be limited, or unavailable at some complexes. Make sure you go before you leave. If available, only 1 player is allowed to enter at 1 time. The restroom must be cleaned hourly, and the sink sanitized between occupants. PORTABLE TOILETS ARE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

  • Drinking fountains and refilling stations are NOT AVAILABLE this season-BRING PLENTY OF WATER

  • Concessions may not be available at complexes this season- BRING PLENTY OF WATER. In the event anything is offered, it will be limited to prepackaged drinks for hydration, but no hot foods will be sold.

  • Bleachers are limited to 20% capacity and require social distancing and masks. Most leagues will utilize bleachers for players only as dugout spacing will be limited due to physical distancing.

  • Spectators are encouraged to bring own chairs or seating

  • Each team will provide their own game balls- 2 per game. These balls will stay with each defensive team to reduce contact. The pitcher will take these into the dugout with them rather than leaving them on the mound

  • Any ball that is handled by an umpire, spectator, or non-home team player must be sanitized before returning to play

  • Balls need to be sanitized after every inning, at minimum

  • Game balls are not to be distributed after the games


  • Policy is subject to change, and dependent on the progression of COVID-19, as well as league, local, state, and national mandates or CDC guidelines.

***In the event a player tests positive, teammates and coaches may be required by the CDC to self-quarantine. No refunds will be given for this time. No money will be paid or refunded for medical treatment due to illness. This is a risk assumed while registering and playing during a pandemic.***

In the event the Little League season is interrupted, credits will be pro-rated, less the expense of the uniforms, for a future season. If 75% or more of the season has been completed, no refunds will be considered.

Uniforms were ordered, but may not be available the first week of games due to a number of reasons- securing coaches, late registrations, and delays in distribution. Mismatched jerseys are allowed by Little League International for this season only, especially during the first few weeks, due to the time constraints and disruptions in printing or distribution. If your participant has a shirt the same as the team color OR a previous NW jersey, please wear that as a replacement until jerseys are received. Although we have expedited the order, we have no guarantees they will arrive prior to the first scheduled games.

Volunteer Deposits from Spring season were shredded, regardless of option selected, to eliminate additional contact due to COVID-19.
Volunteer deposits are still required from EVERY family in the league this season, regardless of title or role. This ensures volunteer opportunities are filled, amenities like restrooms are open, we can maximize fundraising profits, coaches remain committed the duration of the season, and equipment is returned. This also allows us to help offset operating expenses. Checks will be collected from families during uniform distribution to limit contact. The form is attached. Please print, complete, and have it ready to return. Uniform holds apply for anyone who has not submitted a check. CHECKS SHOULD BE MADE PAYABLE TO NWLL for $100, POST-DATED FOR OCTOBER 1, 2020. Two (2) shifts are required from each family this season. Deposit will be returned or destroyed at the conclusion of the season, after all shifts have been logged. Unfulfilled shifts will constitute a loss of deposit and the check will be cashed.

We appreciate your cooperation and support. Volunteer opportunities will be communicated early next week. Opportunities available include manning restrooms, helping ensure social distancing or capacity limits, selling beverages, sorting mums or fundraising orders, or participating in field days.
Raffle tickets were not offered this season due to time constraints. Anyone registered for the combined season will receive raffle tickets for the Spring 2021, regardless of Spring participation. Additional prizes will be offered.
Any questions can be relayed to [email protected]. Resouces are also available on our website  (especially our FAQ’s page under League Information), and Facebook page . These are the best ways to contact or receive updates and information.
We're here to provide you and your family with the BEST youth baseball/softball experience possible! NWLL is a 100% Volunteer Organization. We happily volunteer our time and effort to organize and run NWLL and ask families for a little involvement to make playing possible. Please become familiar with each one of your coaches and the NWLL Board of Directors. Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or suggestions throughout the year. If interested in becoming involved in a larger capacity, our Board meets regularly the first Sunday of every month. We appreciate and thank you for your continued support.


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